Short introduction


Dr. Sam Inkinen (b. 1970) is a well-known Finnish media scholar, lecturer, writer, journalist and consultant. He lectures regularly in various European universities and acts as an advisor for several R&D projects. Sam Inkinen also writes columns and articles for several magazines.

His areas of expertise include

  • the media and information society
  • the experience economy
  • creativity and innovation management
  • networks, tribes, identities
  • new media technologies
  • content production
  • electronic aesthetics

Sam Inkinen has written, edited or co-edited dozens of books. He is the editor of, among others, the anthology Mediapolis. Aspects of Texts, Hypertexts and Multimedial Communication (Walter de Gruyter 1999). Mediapolis is a critical, multi-disciplinary anthology that discusses the theories, problems and possibilities of digital technology, computer interaction, hypertextual representation of knowledge, contemporary utopias, television broadcasting, semiotics of media and sexuality in the cyber age. Instead of technological determinism, this volume focuses on an analytical approach to contemporary media, future technologies and electronic environments.


Dr. Inkinen has co-edited the four-volume large The Integrated Media Machine (1999–2005) and the knowledge book Helsinki Culture Guide (1996). Publications also include Tulevaisuus.Nyt – Riskiyhteiskunnan haasteet ja mahdollisuudet (Future.Now, The Challenges and Opportunities of the Risk Society, 2002) and his doctoral dissertation Teknokokemus ja Zeitgeist. Digitaalisen mediakulttuurin yhteisöjä, utopioita ja avantgarde-virtauksia (The Techno Experience and Zeitgeist. Communities, Utopias, and Avant-Garde Trends in Digital Media Culture, 1999).


As a cosmopolite of the "global village" Dr. Inkinen has travelled extensively and visited one hundred countries on six continents during his trips and explorations.


Recent Publications


Kameleonttikuluttajan paluu (2015)
 FUTUAeroport II (2014)
Sanoja ja tekoja (2011)
Innovation Dynamics (2011)
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